Friday, 14 February 2014

Sabine Baring-Gould - Curious Myths of the Middle Ages

Contains the myths of: The Wandering Jew, Prestor John, The Divining Rod, The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, William Tell, The Dog Gellert, Tailed Men, Antichrist and Pope Joan, The Man in the Moon, The Mountain of Venus, Fatality of Numbers, S. Patrick's Purgatory, The Terrestrial Paradise, S. George, S. Ursula and the Eleven Thousand Virgins, The Legend of the Cross, Schamir, The Piper of Hameln, Bishop Hatto, Melusina, The Fortunate Isles, Swan Maidens, The Knight of the Swan, The Sangreal, Theophilus.

Pages: 320
ISBN: 9781409265924

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