Friday, 23 May 2014

Sax Rohmer - The Dream Detective

Sax Rohmer - The Dream Detective
Ten stories featuring perhaps the most fantastic sleuth of them all: Moris Klaw, the Dream Detective. Accompanied by his beautiful daughter Isis, Klaw's mysterious abilities lead him to clues and answers concerning occult occurrances far beyond the ken of ordinary minds. Moris Klaw is a gifted eccentric in the Holmesian mode. The proprietor of a ramshackle antique shop in Wapping, Klaw is a tall, stoop-shouldered man, of indeterminate age and unidentifiable foreign acccent, with skin the color of "dirty vellum". He wears gold pince-nez, a flat bowler hat, and an old black cape, and is not only an expert in the legends and lore of valuable historical objects, but also a master of disguise.

Pages: 228
ISBN  9781304999078

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