Friday, 27 June 2014

RH Benson - The Necromancers

THE NECROMANCERS, by RH Benson, is set in contemporary Britain, and the main character is the young barrister Laurie Baxter. Baxter falls in love with a local girl, Amy, who dies of natural causes before they wed. One could say he was obsessed with Amy Nugent. In his distress after her death, he can’t bear her absence. He needs to contact her, to touch her again, if at all possible. Baxter had recently converted intellectually to the Catholic Faith, but not with his heart. Amy’s death provides a test that he appears to fail. He connects with a spiritualist circle hoping that the medium will help him bring back his love. He will do anything to get back to Amy, except wait for eternity. As goes the ironic inscription on Amy’s tombstone – “I shall see her but not now”

No 20 in Dennis Wheatley's Library of the Occult

Pages: 248
ISBN:  9781304969842

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