Friday, 27 March 2015

Algernon Blackwood - The Extra Day

The Extra Day
Algernon Blackwood's tale is about three children growing up in the Old Mill House in the Victorian era. Judy, Tim, and Maria were just little children. It was impossible to say exactly what their ages were, except that they were just the usual age, that Judy was the eldest, Maria the youngest, and that Tim, accordingly, came in between the two. When their Uncle Felix comes to visit, his magical storytelling and patience with the children impacts their lives significantly. There is a great deal of foreshadowing that a great surprise is coming with a great revelation. For instance, Uncle Felix says, "Time always prevents, doesn't it? If only we could make it stop - get behind time, as it were - we might have a chance. Some day, perhaps, we shall." Uncle Felix challenges the children to talk to the night wind and ask it for answers. Although this book was not necessarily written for children, it is a great book to read to kids.

Pages: 280
ISBN: 9781304998248

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