Friday, 9 October 2015

Carolyn Wells - Deep Lake Mystery

Deel Lake Mystery by Carolyn Wells

Imagine a murder committed in a room which has been sealed from the inside, with no possible means of exit. Add to that image a wreath of flowers around the head and across the chest of the victim, a crucifix, an orange, a feather scarf tucked in here and there, two crackers, a handkerchief, and a feather duster, a nail and a watch in a water pitcher by the bedside. Place yourself in a position to solve the mystery behind this obvious murder of a wealthy man who was liked by everyone and had no known enemies.

Gray Norris is invited to join detective Keeley Moore and his wife at their vacation cottage at Deep Lake, for a relaxing month. That goes by the wayside when one of the Moore's neighbors is killed under bizarre circumstances behind a locked door. The only way the killer could have escaped the room was by diving from a third story window into the dangerous water below, avoiding hidden rocks and currents that could drag a swimmer under for good.

Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781329378919

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