Thursday 29 May 2014

Dion Fortune - The Secrets of Dr John Richard Taverner

Dr Taverner is an occult Sherlock Holmes, an esoteric Master who uses his powers to aid 'untreatable' patients for whom orthodox medical science can do nothing. Utilizing his knowledge of White Magic, he fights an unrelenting battle against vampires, death-hounds, body-snatchers and members of the nefarious Black Lodge. Well-written and briskly paced, these twelve stories stand on their own merits - but there is more to these tales than meets the eye. Dion Fortune was herself a mage, a high initiate of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and founder of the Society of the Inner Light. The tales she tells are based on real events, and she uses 'The Secrets of Dr Taverner' as a vehicle to introduce the reader to magical practices and many arcane principles of occult law. Each story in this collection is a complete case, as gripping and as entertaining as the stories of Sherlock Holmes. They take you into the inner worlds of the human mind — a world full of strange twists and unexpected happenings!

Pages: 248
ISBN  9781304999542

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Friday 23 May 2014

Sax Rohmer - The Dream Detective

Sax Rohmer - The Dream Detective
Ten stories featuring perhaps the most fantastic sleuth of them all: Moris Klaw, the Dream Detective. Accompanied by his beautiful daughter Isis, Klaw's mysterious abilities lead him to clues and answers concerning occult occurrances far beyond the ken of ordinary minds. Moris Klaw is a gifted eccentric in the Holmesian mode. The proprietor of a ramshackle antique shop in Wapping, Klaw is a tall, stoop-shouldered man, of indeterminate age and unidentifiable foreign acccent, with skin the color of "dirty vellum". He wears gold pince-nez, a flat bowler hat, and an old black cape, and is not only an expert in the legends and lore of valuable historical objects, but also a master of disguise.

Pages: 228
ISBN  9781304999078

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Saturday 10 May 2014

J. Sheridan Le Fanu - In a Glass Darkly

This remarkable collection of stories, by Sheridan Le Fanu, includes Green Tea, The Familiar, Mr. Justice Harbottle, The Room in the Dragon Volant, and Carmilla. The five stories are purported to be cases by Dr. Hesselius, a 'metaphysical' doctor, who is willing to consider the ghosts both as real and as hallucinatory obsessions. The reader's doubtful anxiety mimics that of the protagonist, and each story thus creates that atmosphere of mystery which is the supernatural experience.

Pages: 352
ISBN 9781304997821

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Friday 2 May 2014

John Buchan - The Gap in the Curtain

The Gap in the Curtain
John Buchan is remembered for his spy thrillers like “The 39 Steps” but he also wrote tales of the supernatural. Whether The Gap in the Curtain is a supernatural tale, or science fiction, or horror, is difficult to say. A brilliant but possibly slightly unbalanced scientist discovers a means of lifting the curtain for a moment and gaining a glimpse of the future. This discovery allows six guests in his country house to see, for a brief instant of time, a page from a newspaper from one year in the future. The book then follows the life of each of the six people up to that date a year in the future, and examines the way they deal with the knowledge they have gained. The trick to it is that what they each see is an isolated fact, taken out of context. It can enlighten, but it can just as easily mislead. They know one thing that is going to happen, but they don’t know how and why it will happen. The knowledge turns out to be surprisingly dangerous.

Number 17 in the Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult.

Pages: 184
ISBN:  9781304969811

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