Friday 24 February 2017

Wirt Sikes - British Goblins

British Goblins - Welsh Folk-lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions.

British Goblins does a good job at its stated purpose - collecting and loosely categorizing Welsh Folklore of every category, ranging from the reasons behind certain customs and superstitions of daily life, to descriptions and associated stories of various faeries, goblins, and giants, to descriptions of apparitions and the view of the afterlife, to more fantastic things, like dragons, standing stones, and magic wells and stones.

Although a somewhat anecdotal approach is taken, the author has in fact preserved a good deal of information that might have otherwise been lost.

Pages: 116
ISBN: 9781365619663

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Friday 17 February 2017

Mark Phillips - Brain Twister, The Complete PSI-Power Trilogy

Mark Phillips – Brain Twister

"Mark Phillips" was the pseudonym of two well-known science fiction writers: Randall Garrett and Laurence M. Janifer. Their joint pen-name, derived from their middle names (Philip and Mark), was coined soon after their original meeting, at a science-fiction convention. Both men were drunk at the time, which explains a good deal, and only one ever sobered up. A matter for constant contention between the collaborators was which one. They collaborated for some years, and devised an interesting method of work: Mr. Garrett handled the verbs, the adverbs and the interjections, Mr. Janifer the nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. Conjunctions are a matter of joint decision, and in the case of a tie, the entire game was replayed at Fenway Park, Boston, the following year. Regardless of who wrote what, Brain Twister is a highly enjoyable novel about spies and telepathy, as only two great writers could have conceived it!

Brain Twister - Brain Twister follows the adventures of FBI agent Kenneth J. Malone as he attempts to unravel the machinations of a telepathic spy. His first problem: how do you find a telepath to catch the first telepath? A fun piece of science fiction that features claims of immortality, mind-reading, spies and insanity.

The Impossibles - In two words Im Possible. First, late-model cars began driving themselves away - with nobody at the wheel... Then, valuables began vanishing from locked rooms... It was a new kind of crime. And Malone, the Government's expert on "impossibilities," was afraid it was a new kind of who could disappear at will, walk through walls, and thumb his nose at the police. And Malone was dead right...

Supermind - FBI agent Kenneth J. Malone lives in a world where psionic powers such as telepathy and teleportation exist. Malone must cope with them as well as an FBI Director who leaves Malone continually confused about what situation he is being asked to handle and what he is expected to do about it.

Malone investigates a series of incidents in which people make mistakes - sometimes minor, and sometimes major - that lead to disasters. It looks like a secret cabal of psis may be behind events, influencing the behavior of those involved. Are they? And if so, why? Malone must find out if it kills him - which is a very real possibility.

Pages: 600
ISBN: 9781365537004

Friday 10 February 2017

Charles Lindley - Lord Halifax's Ghost Book

Lord Halifax’s Ghost Book - A collection of 'true' ghost stories collected by Lord Halifax, a Victorian English Viscount with an interest in the supernatural. Most document hauntings in the great houses of Britain, but there are interesting and eerie detours into prophetic dreams and ghostly warnings from beyond, and even an account of a vampiric cat! This is the first collection of two.

Pages: 180
ISBN: 9781365536984

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Friday 3 February 2017

Edith Nesbit – The Enchanted Castle

Edith Nesbit – The Enchanted Castle

Once upon a time, there were three bored but imaginative little children, Jerry, Jimmy, and Cathy, left all alone in a boarding school with one nosy maid and an agreeable French governess for the holidays. Having securely wrapped the governess around their collective little fingers, they secure her permission to go into the woods one afternoon. In the woods, they find a castle garden, and in the garden they find a sleeping princess dressed all in pink silk with a magic ring on her finger.

The princess is really Mabel, the housekeeper's niece, who is only pretending to be royalty. But when she shows them a secret room filled with treasure where they discover a magical ring, enchantment becomes a reality. 

Be careful what you wish for. There is invisibility, there are secret passages, there are gods and goddesses and a dinosaurus, there is magic and myth and a whole world of hidden secrets.

Pages: 292
ISBN: 9781365536977