Become a literary patron

WHY and HOW to "adopt" a book.

It is both simple and fun!

There are several titles that need sponsors, each of them needs to be sponsored by 100 dollars (about 650 Swedish kronor).

All books are of high quality, hardcover and with dust jackets. Select the title that You are interested in, notify us by commenting on that particular book post here, and after that we have made contact You will have to donate $100 (via Paypal). Of course it is possible for several persons to sponsor a book together, with for an example $20 each.

In return You will get Your name and a thank You note on the first page of the book, on the back cover and on our website. You can also get a link to Your own website or company if You wish, on our webpage (an URL could also be included on the book's first page, if You wish to do so).

You can choose to sponsor in Your own name, Your company's name, or to surprise someone You want to celebrate (popular option and very much appreciated by the recipient!). It may look like this for example: "This book is published thanks to XX" or "XX Ltd sponsored the publication of this book." Or, "This book is sponsored and published in honor of XX on his 50th birthday." You just have to come up with Your own proposals.

After the book is published, it usually takes six to eight weeks before it is available on, Barnes & Nobel, and by all other booksellers online.

Please note that a free copy not is included in the price.

This is a unique and nice system and Ulwencreutz Media is the only publishing company that offers such an opportunity.

Curious? Get in touch with Ulwencreutz Media. We usually have about 100 titles ready for publication and they are just waiting for their particular sponsor, or "patron" which of course is the fine old term for people who sponsor culture.
Most of the books are in English (though some Swedish titles are available. Ask!) And it is usually classics that deserves to be re-published.