What if...

"What if..." is our own FREE pulp magazine.

It contains short stories (fantasy, sci-fi, horror, crime), short biographies, about the authors, and articles.
The content is from our published books, so after every short story or article there is a direct link where to buy the book they are taken from.

We hope You will discover some "new" and interesting authors this way, and hopefully buy the book (and it is at least 20% cheaper if You buy it directly from us!). But first of all we like to give our readers and buyers something nice and interesting to read for free.

"What if..." is possible to read online aswell as to download and read offline. And You can find all the issues under "What if..." under "Labels" in the right column, or just click HERE.

So YES, this is commercial, but it is also a lot of very nice and interesting FREE reading of great literature.

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