Mr Ulwencreutz himself

Lars Ulwencreutz
Esq, publisher, author, renaissance person, gentlemanly scientist, political commentator and with a black belt in sudoku.

* Author of several books, both facts and fiction
* Owner of Ulwencreutz Media






Movie: "Sånt händer bara på Ulweborg" 1987 (Balingsta Film)
Book: "Världens största konspirationer" 2002 (Semic)
Book: "Världens största mordgåtor" 2004 (Semic)
Book: "Bortom alla speglar" 2007 (Ulwencreutz Media)
Book: "Redaktör'n har ordet" 2010 (Ulwencreutz Media)
Book: "Pussel - ett liv i 400.000 bitar som inte passar ihop", memoarer del 1 2012 (Ulwencreutz Media)

Book: "Redaktör'n fäktar vidare" 2015 (Ulwencreutz Media)
Book: "Från Oden till Vasa" 2015 (Ulwencreutz Media)
Book: "Det är serverat! - Med Ulwencreutz i köket" 2017 (Ulwencreutz Media)

Interests: Books (both reading and writing), movies, history, medicine, criminology, unsolved mysteries and unexplained phenomena, genealogy, science and research, photography, cruising, politics and much, much more.

Admires: Nikola Tesla, Ivar Kreuger, Viktor Schauberger

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