Mr Ulwencreutz himself

Lars Ulwencreutz
Esq, publisher, author, renaissance person, gentlemanly scientist, political commentator, misanthrope and royal fake-hunter and with a black belt in sudoku.

* Author of several books, both facts and fiction
* Owner of Ulwencreutz Media
* Founder of "The Society for New Energy Technology"
* Founder of "The Kingmakers Society" (A society of and for royalists with the purpose and goal to help the royal pretenders back to their rightful but empty thrones in Europe and South America)

Movie: "Sånt händer bara på Ulweborg" 1987 (Balingsta Film)
Book: "Världens största konspirationer" 2002 (Semic)
Book: "Världens största mordgåtor" 2004 (Semic)
Book: "Bortom alla speglar" 2007 (Ulwencreutz Media)
Book: "Redaktör'n har ordet" 2010 (Ulwencreutz Media)
Book: "Pussel - ett liv i 400.000 bitar som inte passar ihop", memoarer del 1 2012 (Ulwencreutz Media)

Book: "Redaktör'n fäktar vidare" 2015 (Ulwencreutz Media)
Book: "Från Oden till Vasa" 2015 (Ulwencreutz Media)
Book: "Det är serverat! - Med Ulwencreutz i köket" 2017 (Ulwencreutz Media)

Interests: Books (both reading and writing), movies, history, medicine, criminology, unsolved mysteries and unexplained phenomena, genealogy, science and research, photography, cruising, politics and much, much more.

Admires: Nikola Tesla, Ivar Kreuger, Viktor Schauberger

You can also find/reach me on Email, Telegram, KiK, Twitter, YouTube, ICQ, BBM, WhatsApp and Instagram if You wish. And soon also at VK, GAB and Minds!

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